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Aagadu (2014)

Aagadu (2014)

Tamannaah BhatiaShruti HaasanMahesh BabuNassar
Sreenu Vaitla


Aagadu (2014) is a Telugu movie. Sreenu Vaitla has directed this movie. Tamannaah Bhatia,Shruti Haasan,Mahesh Babu,Nassar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Aagadu (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Shankar (Mahesh Babu) is an orphan who is adopted by a sincere police officer (Rajendra Prasad). But he is forced to leave and become a cop on his own. Shankar is a powerful police officer who uses unconventional methods to bring criminals to justice. He is posted to a village where Damodhar (Sonusood) is building a power plant, which is fiercely opposed by the locals. Shankar finds a personal connection after going to the village. Rest of the story is all about how Shankar sets everything right.


Aagadu (2014) Reviews

  • A Routine Attempt


    Story - A Routine one, unworthy of discussing about. Performances - The whole and sole of this movie is Mahesh. He is made to utter dialogues in different accents and that attempt is slightly back fired as he is only partly successful. His performance in some emotional scenes is good, though. Tamannah's role is more of a cameo, than heroine. Rajendra Prasad is wasted. Brahmanandam's comedy is extremely routine and evokes not even a smile most of the times (forget about laughing). Sonu Sood is okay. M.S.Narayana and Satyam Rajesh are nice. Brahmaji is used to give interval bang and he is successful in doing so. Music - A couple of songs by Thaman are nice. Background score is good in parts. Technical Departments - Art work and Photography are good. Editing is not up to the mark, especially in second half. Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction - Story is routine one which can sometimes be played to the galleries with good treatment and screenplay. But these are missing. Treatment and Screenplay given follow typical Screenu Vaitla pattern, which at least I'm fed up with. They no longer appear intriguing. Direction is adequate in parts. Now coming to dialogues.... Dialogues look forced. Unnecessary rhymings are used in every single dialogue, due to which one might feel the redundancy of dialogues. Dialogues are sometimes of too much length. Final Piece - First half is only partly good. Second half doesn't evoke any interest due to poor writing. You might feel that you're watching "Dookudu - 2" instead of "Aagadu". It is that repetitive. Sentiment doesn't work out. Comedy fails to evoke laughter many times. Dialogues are redundant. Many characters are given no importance. Watch it if you are a Die hard fan of Mahesh. Otherwise, please don't waste your valuable money and time. Give it a skip.

  • Aagadu movie review


    Dicky balisinaa HEN in front of chicken shop filmed cinema that's why it's attar flop indhi... im mahesh babu fan but dis was d back log for mahesh babu dis year The successful combination of Mahesh Babu and Sreenu Vaitla is back ​ once again to entertain the audience with Aagadu. Tamannah is cast as the female lead, and 14 Reels are the producers. After a huge round of promotions, the film has opened in over 2000 screens today. Let's now see how the film is. Story:- ​​Encounter ​specialist ​Shankar (Mahesh Babu) is posted to a small town called Bukkapattanam. The entire area is dominated by a ​dreaded don called Damodar (Sonu Sood),​ who runs illegal businesses by threatening the poor. Shankar decides to take ​things in his hands, and starts ​planning ​Damodar's decline. ​Midway through, he comes to know about a shocking truth about Damodar, which relates back to his family. What is that truth ? How does Shankar manage to destroy Damodar​ and his empire ? and Where does Saroja(Tamannah) and Delhi Suri(Brahmanandam) fit in this entire set up ?. To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on big screen. Plus Points:- Aagadu is an out and out Mahesh Babu film. Right from the word go, it ​i​s ​Mahesh's histrionics which dominate the show completely. As usual, Mahesh looks extremely dashing, and carries out his role of ​a cop supremely well. The way he goes about his character, and blends himself into the script​,​ is quite amazing. Interesting factor to watch out for is the fun element that he brings in his character, which is filled with punch dialogues and satires. Tamannah looks gorgeous as the village belle, and is a perfect Jodi for Mahesh Babu. First half of the film is highly entertaining, and brings in a lot of fun. Shruthi Haasan's song is a special bonus to the masses as she oozes ​sensuous charm and glamour. Brahmanandam brings in decent laughs in the second half, and his dance episode in particular is quite hilarious. ​ ​ ​ Nasser ​is superb as the police constable​,​​ and his scenes with Mahesh and Vennela Kishore have come out quite well. ​S​ongs ​are entertaining and ​have also been shot well​. Rajendra Prasad, Posani and Ashish Vidhyardhi are decent in their respective roles. ​M​inus Points:- As expected, even Aagadu has the same trademark Sreenu Vaitla set up and comedy. The entire second half has been spoofed on his earlier films like Dookudu. Once the so called twists are unleashed, the film becomes predictable.

  • Routine stuff


    This is yet another routine telugu masala film with a predictable plot and clichés all over. If you go into the cinemas expecting something different, you will be disappointed for sure. An orphan boy raised by a cop grows up good and becomes a cop and will be dealing with all the atrocities happening in a particular place with his wits. Later on he comes to know that the antagonist was responsible for killing his brother and takes his revenge. In addition to this you have inserted comedy tracks, insane humor and some absolutely soulless music. The leading lady's role kind of looks like a cameo and has got nothing to do with the story. The lead actor who is capable of giving some fine performance was wasted so to speak and shines only at very few parts. Writing and direction were so poor and routine. There is nothing great to talk about. Just save your time

  • Utter waste of time


    If himmatwala was for Ajay devgn..then its aagadu for mahesh babu.There is no freshness in the plot.The narration of mb's movies to the comedians are a headache. Dookudu-2 can be a apt title for this nonsense. Brahmi dancing is quite common nowadays.Trying to troll many famous people,the director ends up fooling himself and the mighty fan base of the lead actor.Please wait for the home version if you haven't watched dookudu.Tamannaah also leaves you disappointed. Mahesh carries the movie on his shoulders and is the saving grace.As usual there is a heavy dose of silly action and the director taking a dig at the country's ace filmmakers.Go watch it if you have a lot of free worl to do this festive season.If you are a fan of the actor please wait for his next movie.

  • it is an all time hit


    It is not a hit,it is not a blockbuster,it is not a super duper hit but it is all beyond of this.Aagadu takes off on a high note with a powerful introduction scene of the protagonist, followed by a fight and an introduction song. Starting scenes of Mahesh as cop are very good and gives the movie a promising start. However Srinu Vaitla failed to maintain the same tempo even for a span of fifteen minutes. The graph of the film goes up and down with a good scene followed by two bad scenes. In spite of the fluctuations, first half of the film works because of Mahesh Babu's introduction scenes, his love track with Tamanna and Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu spoof. Second half opens by revealing the actual plot of the movie. Later Srinu Vaitla shifts into his own zone of confusing comedy. Brahmanandam and Mahesh Babu tries to keep the audience interested in between all that routine fuss. Mahesh and Brahmi do provide some moments of fun, but we are too bored of this 'Dhee' formula. Srinu Vaitla should have opted for doing something fresh from this. Instead he chose to play safe, but he couldn't pull it off this time. He has completely relied upon Mahesh Babu and few comedy scenes to bail him out. You will come out disappointed if you are expecting something on the level of Dookudu. This film is very inferior to it and only works because of Mahesh. He should solely carry this film at the box office too.


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