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Any Bullet Will Do (2018)

Any Bullet Will Do (2018)

Kevin MakelyBruce DavisonJenny CurtisMeg Foster
Justin Lee


Any Bullet Will Do (2018) is a English movie. Justin Lee has directed this movie. Kevin Makely,Bruce Davison,Jenny Curtis,Meg Foster are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Any Bullet Will Do (2018) is considered one of the best Western movie in India and around the world.

Taking place during 1876 in Montana, a ruthless headhunter tracks his own brother through Big Sky country with the help of a young fur trapper.

Any Bullet Will Do (2018) Reviews

  • One star better than A Reckoning


    This is the second failure I've seen this week from Justin Lee - the other being another miserable mess, A Reckoning. Does he not know how to write a screenplay or direct his actors? I guess this is the result when all your experience in writing and directing is TV series. At least give one of those hats to a professional that can teach you something before you try to do it all yourself when taking on a full length feature film. And what's with the Westerns genre? Dumb story that goes nowhere with lousy pacing and boring extended scenes that make you yawn. At least the directing was slightly better than A Reckoning. A generous 3/10 for the cinematography and directing.

  • Better than expected (with a caveat).


    With the exception of dialogue with Rose (trite, bad acting, unneeded romantic sub plot) the majority of the rest is well written and well acted for the budget. Cameos by bigger name actors are nicely integrated. Story is believable and details are seemingly and unusually accurate to the period. Filming is well done with well curated sets, costuming and beautiful locations. Re-casting or removing the Rose character would have elevated this flick to "memorable".

  • A Decent Modern Version Of An Old West Bounty Hunter/Snowy Mountains Montana Movie


    10/18/2018 Definitely worth watching one time, but the storyline and acting could have been much, much better. Enjoy it for what it is and try not to be to critical while you watch. Bon Appetit

  • The BEST low budget I have seem for a long time


    You know this is a low budget film. You have to have the ability to decipher between big and low budgets. This was outstanding! Amazing what they did with a few dollars. On a side note, this site is becoming riddled with people that have no business reviewing films. Something is wrong with their heads.

  • Classic western flare with modern tones!


    If you are a fan of classic westerns then you will love this film! However, it also does not shy away from subject matter in the current world which deals with racism and strong female characters. The locations and cinematography in this film are outstanding. The acting by the lead is reminiscent to the growling Eastwood of old and the director brought out one of Bruce Davison's best performances. Forgot that Meg Foster was still alive and she is well served as an aging bar owner in this! Being a big fan of westerns, my only critique would be that some of the continuity between a few things could have been better but that is me being a die hard movie nut. Reading some of the other reviews it is interesting to me...people should leave reviews that ACTUALLY talk about the film. But people these days right? Give this film a watch and check out a few other modern day indie western gems such as "Outlaws And Angels" and "The Ballad Of Lefty Brown."


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