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Children of God (2010)

Children of God (2010)

Johnny FerroStephen Tyrone WilliamsMargaret Laurena KempMark Ford
Kareem Mortimer


Children of God (2010) is a English movie. Kareem Mortimer has directed this movie. Johnny Ferro,Stephen Tyrone Williams,Margaret Laurena Kemp,Mark Ford are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Children of God (2010) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

The story of two young Bahamian men who fall in love with each other and portrays the homophobia of the Bahamian society.

Children of God (2010) Reviews

  • much more than you might expect


    Is it that people are disappointed in the lack of sex or why is this pretty amazing first gay feature film from the Caribbean so much panned? It's not the gay love story that's at the center here, but pseudo-Christian homophobia, and I would venture to say that no film has so far taken this issue to such lengths. True, that makes for a bulky watching experience, what with the issues all the characters have: The fag-hating preacher who is a closeted homosexual himself, his STD-infected wife who diverts her doubts into anti-gay action, the sensitive painter, the free-and-easy closeted opportunist... it really feels like a play, but quite intentionally so. And none of these characters are so far away from reality - if you're from a hyper-Christian environment, then you will know for a fact how much hypocrisy and denial they endorse... a lot of preachers in my native Romania talk just as hateful as those in this film, and a lot of them are likely to be closeted homosexuals themselves. 'Children of God' is less of a story than a statement, so don't watch it if you're asking for serious character development or story structure in a film. However, if you're wondering how the equal rights issue can be addressed in an environment where PC doesn't protect you, then this is your film.

  • Beautiful and touching, sometimes disturbing.


    I'd read reviews elsewhere that were mostly high in praise of this movie, so I ordered it. I really liked the Bahamian life shown as it is away from the casinos and cruise ship areas. The acting was good, especially by the two leading guys, Johnny Ferro and Stephen Tyrone Williams. There is a great progression of self-understanding in short order. Photography and filming was very good, including beautiful scenery. Editing was good too, with excellent continuity. The music was a treat. It seemed to also be Bahamian. I'll be looking for more from these actors and director. I definitely recommend this movie and am glad to own a copy.

  • Johnny Ferro makes it worth watching


    Children of God is the feature-length expansion of a short movie called Float, about an uptight young gay white guy (Johnny) and a laid-back, mostly straight black guy (Romeo) who hook up in the Bahamas, where they both are natives. It was made by the same writer/director as Float and stars the same actor (Stephen Tyrone Williams) in the role of Romeo. It differs from Float primarily in three ways: a different actor plays Johnny; a parallel story of an intensely homophobic woman and her lying preacher husband is added; and the ending is changed. Only the first of those changes is an improvement. Johnny Ferro (playing Johnny) is gorgeous, charismatic, sensitive, sweet, shy, brooding, and very, VERY sexy; so it is totally believable that anyone on earth would fall for him. (The huge flaw in Float was that the poor actor who played Johnny was none of the above.) The story between Romeo and Johnny is practically identical to Float, and adding Johnny Ferro really makes it shine. But the side story of the lying preacher is just too corny and overwrought to believe. It doesn't fit with the Romeo/Johnny story at all, so it is only an annoying distraction. And the ending is just as bad: forced, clumsy, and painfully predictable all at the same time. The director should have cast Johnny Ferro in Float and stopped there, or remade Float with the vastly improved Johnny. Float with the right Johnny would be a lovely gem, but Children of God just does not work. However... I have never seen Ferro anywhere before, so just for introducing him to the world I gladly give this movie five stars. Except that Johnny Ferro is not in it, Float is a better movie.

  • Children of God is Outstanding. Stephen Tyrone Williams is a find. Bravo to all involved.


    Originally a wonderful short movie called FLOAT, CHILDREN OF GOD is a moving, thought-provoking, funny and brilliantly poetic love story. Set in the idyllic world of the Bahamas, a blocker painter (Johnny Ferro) searches for inspiration for his painting but instead finds inspiration in the arms of another lost soul (Stephen Tyrone Williams). Director Kareem Mortimer has set this beautiful story in an island paradise. But the characters he has created keep finding ways to keep paradise from coming true for them. The acting in this movie is revelatory. All of he performances are top notch, especially those by Johnny Ferro, Stephen Tyrone Williams and Margaret Laurena Kemp. The camera especially loves the beautiful and sensuous Stephen Tyrone Williams. This movie is a work of art that should be seen by everyone. Bravo to all involved.

  • Trouble in Paradise


    In spite of the tremendous advances in gay rights in many countries in recent years, homophobia is actually intensifying in many place. While first and foremost a beautiful and tender personal drama, Children of God is also a study of anti-gay intolerance in the Bahamas. The main story is about Johnny, a gay art student who's so broken that he can no longer express his feelings on canvas, can't defend himself even verbally, and can't even touch another human being. Faced with losing his art scholarship, his teacher directs him to spend a few days on the island of Eleuthera to reconnect with nature, and hopefully his own artistic spirit. There he meets the aptly-named Romeo, who helps him to discover hope, trust, and love. The second-most prominent story, which lightly touches Johnny's, is that of Ralph and his family. Ralph is a vehemently anti-gay preacher with a secret, driven to stage anti-gay rallies. Lena, his wife, learns she has acquired an STD from him. When she tries to find out what he's done, he turns on her, and to cope, she buries herself even more deeply in his "Save the Bahamas" campaign, hoping to find solace in certainty. In turn, she unwittingly bullies her young son, who becomes afraid that he might be go to hell if he does something "sissy." Children of God isn't perfect. Some of the meetings toward the end seem somewhat forced, and religious dialogue, always difficult to handle well, doesn't sound quite as natural as it did in, say, Wise Kids. And some of Johnny's quirks seem implausible; how can you have sex if you're afraid to shake hands? The most serious flaw is a character named Purple who has no development. The movie would be improved omitting him and rewriting the ending. Yet for all this, it's a very good film. If you don't need Hollywood CGI explosions, and can enjoy small stories of the heart, you'll enjoy Children of God.


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