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Coming Home for Christmas (2017)

Coming Home for Christmas (2017)

Danica McKellarNeal BledsoeAndrew FrancisLindsay Maxwell
Mel Damski


Coming Home for Christmas (2017) is a English movie. Mel Damski has directed this movie. Danica McKellar,Neal Bledsoe,Andrew Francis,Lindsay Maxwell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Coming Home for Christmas (2017) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

"Lizzie Richfield is at a crossroads when she lands a job as house manager for the exquisite Ashford Estate in the Virginia countryside. While preparing the place for sale, Lizzie plans one final Christmas Eve gala for the Marley family, though they seem to be a family in name only. There's Kip Marley, who never met a party he didn't like; Robert, the handsome but all-business executor of the estate; Sloane, who arrives with her two young children, sans husband, and the 90-year-old matriarch, Pippa, a spitfire who doesn't want to put the house up for sale at all. As Lizzie is inserted into the home and the lives of the Marley family, she finds herself drawn to Robert - even as Kip pursues her. Can she navigate her suddenly complicated love life while helping mend family feuds and maybe teaching all the true spirit of Christmas?"


Coming Home for Christmas (2017) Reviews

  • Nice & Sweet


    I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 400 (C H R I S T M A S ) MOVIES AND SPECIALS. BEWARE OF BOGUS REVIEWS. SOME REVIEWERS HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW. WHEN ITS A POSITIVE REVIEW THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION. NOW I HAVE NO AGENDA! I AM HONEST! I REVIEW MOVIES & SPECIALS AS A WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF WHAT I HAVE SEEN! This 2017 Hallmark Christmas Theme Movie stars in Danica McKellar. She is one the many "Hallmark CHirstmas Movie" go to actress who always brings a very likable performance. In this film however she seems to be a semi-remake of another Danica McKellar Hallmark film called "A Crown FOr Christmas". In this film she plays Lizzie Richfield who just landed a job as house manager for the exclusive Ashford Estate in the Virginia countryside. While preparing the place for sale, Lizzie plans one final Christmas Eve gala for the Marley family, though they seem to be a family in name only. If you are a romantic then this film is for you.

  • Insipid, Contrived & Boring.


    But isn't that why we watches these? They are sooooo bad, they are like a genre unto themselves. It's like a Hallmark card comes to life with picture perfect scenery & corny platitudes that count for dialogue. It's bad. But fascinatingly entertaining.

  • more than nice


    A real nice film. First, for the clear reference to "Sabrina". Second - for Paula Shaw. And for atmosphere. Sure, the recipe of Christmas romance is obvious familiar. But it has few sweet nuances in this case, lovely, funny, charming. It is not different by many others films of same genre. But it has the gift to not be boring or too ...pink. The wise old lady, a decision, her two nephews. And the predictable end. So, a real seductive easy film.

  • One of the better hallmark movies but the lead guy is kinda weird


    I actually liked this Hallmark movie, as it didn't fit the cookie cutter hallmark movie formula. One thing, maybe it was me, but the lead actor is kind of freakish...I dunno..weird feel/vibe with this guy. But maybe that was the point that he was staunch..I dunno. sometimes its fun to watch freakish people though.

  • A mushy collection of platitudes


    One of the worst Xmas movies ever. A trite, but common, plot: girl, a bit down in life, falls into a delicious situation that includes young men, a task, and a crotchety matriarch that must be won over (and is, of course). Some dark secret lurks in the background: WHY is this family so Xmas-dysfunctional?? Why don't they understand, as sweet goofy Danica does, that Xmas is all family, sweetness and light, and Yule logs for dessert? The staging is right out of Dickens with charming quasi-English street scenes. The acting is flat and predictable. Stern, unemotional Robert, always wearing a suit; his rascally UNpredictable brother, Kip, the foil (except his antics are totally predictable), and their upper-class raised sister Sloane, with two adorable toddlers, who is suffering a situation that just a small donation from Grandma's coffers would easily fix. And so it yawningly goes. Of course, every time Robert and Lizzie almost get close to each other, that rascal Kip bursts onto the scene and ruins everything. Hence many puppy-eyed over-the-shoulder looks from Lizzie as Kip drags her away. The tree cutting scene is laughable and only provides an "outdoor" venue for more anguished questioning by Lizzie about why this family is so un-xmasy! Don't they know it's all about family and Yule logs?? Another laughable occasion designed to provide more of the same platitudinous conversation occurs when Lizzie enters the bedroom she has been given at Ashford (and a pretty unimpressive bedroom it is for such a grand estate) and finds Robert in there, it having been his old room from childhood. Of course, oddly, Lizzie has not left ONE SInGLE thing anywhere in the room to indicate the fact she is residing there! How was poor Robert to know?? But, hey, they get to talk in the middle of the night! I could go on and list many more plot contrivances because thus movie is all contrivances and trite-isms. At the end, it's the usual overheard partial conversation which threatens to throw all asunder but fortunately reformed-grandma saves the day, the Xmas, and the romance. Wooden Robert suddenly turns into a dancing Lothario( not a very convincing one) and even a bend-her-backwards kisser. All is well. Except the movie is soooo bad; Holiday Inn for the millionth time would be a better Xmas watch.


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