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Dhool (2003)

Dhool (2003)

VikramJyotikaReema SenSayaji Shinde


Dhool (2003) is a Tamil movie. Dharani has directed this movie. Vikram,Jyotika,Reema Sen,Sayaji Shinde are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Dhool (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Arumugham (Vikram) is an uneducated, good hearted, helpful village hick. Easwari (Jyothika) is his childhood friend. A chemical factory in the village pollutes the local river and when all attempts to stop the factory waste from going to the drinking water falls flat, the villagers decide to send Arumugham to Chennai and meet the concerned minister who has won from their constituency. He sets out for the city with Easwari and her grandmother and they stay with Arumugham's friend (Vivek) and gang. Swapna (Reema Sen) is a model who stays in the same area and she lusts after Arumugham. They meet the Minister (Sayaji Shinde) who is extremely nice to them and promises to help them. Soon Arumugham is forced by circumstances to fight against an anti-social gang with a lady boss. An honest police officer (Manoj.K.Jayan) tries to collect evidence against the criminal gang. When Arumugham realizes that the bad guys are the henchmen of the same Minister who is behind all the crimes, !


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Dhool (2003) Reviews

  • Above average commercial flick thanks to its characters


    Usually you get a hero, a villain, a heroine and a vamp but there's just so much more in this movie to make it stand out. You get all those plus a politician villain supported by an entire gang of rowdies led by an EVIL WOMAN, plus a mentally unstable cop plus Vivek plus Paravai Muniyamma plus Reema plus Chitty Babu, all of whom have an active role to play in the movie and plot. The story isn't anything new and you don't expect it to be. The reason that this movie stands out is because of its unique characters. The use of a female villain was brilliant but due to lack of physical capability and height, rather than acting ability, she was not as intimidating as she could have been. Well, she was rather more entertaining rather than disturbing like the female cop in Kadhalan. The politician villain is less clichéd because of the brilliant comical actor who really throws out a unique performance. Him getting screwed over by softcore queen 'Shakeela' was really too good. Some of the songs by Vidyasagar are good. In all, a very entertaining flick that is worth watching at least once.

  • A Feast for Action Lovers


    Dharani is an excellent director and one must give credit for his earlier works however his recent "Kuruvi" was a disaster. The story is simple. It goes on like this- A man from a village goes to city for a need and end up fighting against dangerous henchmen and local rowdies who eliminate anybody in their path. The action scenes are good. 'Chiyaan' Vikram along with an excellent cast that features Jyothika, Reema Sen, Paravai Muniyamma and especially Vivek has done a near flawless job. The comedy tracks are rib-tickling especially that "Ladoo" comedy. Witty dialogues make you feel very light in an otherwise pacey action flick. Shayaji Shinde has come up with a brilliant performance alongside with Chitti Babu as his sidekick. I highly recommend this for every action fan. Watch "Dhool" you won't be disappointed. I watched this movie like 20-25 times and still raring to watch it each time its shown on TV. Dharani-Vidyasagar combo never disappointed in music and all songs are chartbusters. Some scenes may defy logic but you don't have to overlook it too much because quality entertainment is guaranteed!

  • An excellent Action movie


    Dhool is an excellent action movie.with a very good screen play dharani directed it very well.and it set a new trend in Tamil cinema industries.i wish a lot movies like this from dharani.don't miss this film highly recommended. highlight of the film is action and comedy of vivek paravai muniama has played a very good role in this movie and all cast has done there best including pasupathy overall the film is very well made with action,music,editing,comedy and all commercial aspects needed for tamil cinema...hats of to dharani we expect a lot from u too

  • Scenes lifted from Andrzej Barkkowiak's Romeo must die.


    i was watching the movie "Romeo must Die" directed by Andrej Barkowiak. The movie came in 2000. In that movie there are scenes where Jet li hits the bad guys and the scene is shown in like X-ray vision where the punch gets the bone breaking. Now, if you remember in this movie which came in 2003 where vikram breaks Pasupathy's arms and its shown in exactly the same way. Its pathetic to see Indian film makers aping Hollywood flicks and lifting scenes from there. Apart from that the cast is good and Pasupathy makes good impression of an actor. Apart from that its just another action film with comedy of vivek spread allover.


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