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Diqiu zuihou de yewan (2018)

Diqiu zuihou de yewan (2018)

Tang WeiJue HuangSylvia ChangHong-Chi Lee
Bi Gan


Diqiu zuihou de yewan (2018) is a Japanese,Mandarin movie. Bi Gan has directed this movie. Tang Wei,Jue Huang,Sylvia Chang,Hong-Chi Lee are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Diqiu zuihou de yewan (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Luo Hongwu returns to Kaili, the hometown from which he fled 12 years earlier. As memories of an enigmatic and beautiful woman resurface - a woman he loved and whom he has never been able to forget - Luo Hongwu begins his search for her. Past and present, reality and dream interweave in Bi Gan's stunningly beautiful and highly innovative film noir.


Diqiu zuihou de yewan (2018) Reviews

  • Reality and Dream


    In the first part, the reality entwined with Luo's memory of the summer 12 years ago. Luo Hongwu is a man that has lost everything: his dead father, his long-gone mother, his no where lover, his divorced wife, his unborn son, and his murder friend Wildcat. He sank into his memory like a stone, so he escaped to his dream to redeem his mistakes. He saw his son or Wildcat is alive, the gang was easy to defeat; He helped his mother go with the honey man and knew; He helped his lover fly away from the trap and win the true love. The innovative 60 minutes 3D long short makes the dream so realistic, while Luo's memory and reality is potraited as a dream. In the end, the firework is still kindling. Will it die out or will it keep burning? Will the dream end or will it last forever?

  • I am Chinese and I love It!


    Everyone reading this review, please forgive me for my perhaps strange sounding english, I'm from and currently lives in China. I saw this film today at a Local Cinema, in Dongguan, I must say I feel very fortunate having seen this, and also Jia Zhang Ke's "Ash is the Purest White" in Cinema, normally in China, we only screen Popcorn Films, but never Art films. I heard about Longest Day's Journey into the night a long time ago, when I found out this Chinese movie was competing for 2018's Cannes Un Certain Regard! By the way, the chinese name of the film, "di qiu zui hou de ye wan", actually means Earth's Last Night, or Last Night on Earth, what an awesome name! Words cannot describe what this movie is like, or how awesome it is, At least this is so for me, I simply cannot do it with words, but I believe this actually proves how good this movie is, since if words can describe it, it wouldn't have accomplished its goal, the goal of motion picture, as a medium of art, is to express something that language cannot express, just like Beethoven's Symphonies, or Monet's paintings. Many People won't understand this movie, because they're not Chinese, they don't understand how the subtle details in this movie reminds us of our country, and even if chinese audiences are watching it, like the few that watched it with me tonight, won't get it, because most Chinese people have almost no exposure to Art House Cinema, they usually watch 3 types of movies, Hollywood Action Flicks, Romantic Comedy, or Horror, that's it. The Film Score in this movie is also awesome, Bela Bartok wanted to write Hungarian Themed Muisc in the western classical fasion, the soundtrack in this movie is somewhat like Bartok's, they have the same goal, this movie's music comprise of Electronic Music featuring themes in the style of music from China's minor ethnic cultures, this, plus the hour long single take dream sequence, make this film so rare a work of art, that it deserves to be charished. Despite the dream-like scenes, and experimental techniques, the film actually captured realistically what contemporary rural china is like, which is rare, but it's nothing like our urban areas right now, if anyone wants to see a good film featuring modern china's major cities, I suggests the Chinese TV Comedy Drama: "Pretty Li Hui Zhen", it's very cheezy and childlish, but the portrayal of Shanghai is very realistic! Thanks for reading! Ni Guang Xin

  • I don't fully understand it. but my heart is touched deeply.


    I don't remember any other movie like a dream so much.

  • Rare consequential use of 3-D


    I was ten years old in 1953 during the first heyday of 3-D movies. In the years since the novelty wore off, I have been sadly disappointed how few and far between memorable ones have been. WINGS OF COURAGE, POLAR EXPRESS, HUGO, AVATAR, THE FINEST HOURS and this film are pretty much the lot. Nevertheless, there is ubiquitous movie house 3-D capability, and lots of cheesy up-conversions of films made neither in nor for 3-D to occupy them. Alas, serious film makers have generally concluded that 3-D adds too little value to be worth the trouble. LONG DAY'S JOURNEY is a live action evocation of a Munga-style comic. The second half is a dream sequence, set apart by what must be the first 3-D ever done with steady-cam. The story and characters did not particularly resonate with me. The many filmgoers who have never had the opportunity to see the "classics" of 3-D properly exhibited can recapture a good deal of the excitement here.

  • Poignant and poetic


    An unexpected gem, reminded me of early Wim Wenders or Jadorowsky. Obviously it's not a linear plot set in everyday reality, something that some reviewers seem to have not understood. It's metaphysical references resonate more and more strongly - mortality and transience, love and loss. It's disconcerting and haunting, very original.


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