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Dulcima (1971)

Dulcima (1971)

Carol WhiteJohn MillsStuart WilsonBernard Lee
Frank Nesbitt


Dulcima (1971) is a English movie. Frank Nesbitt has directed this movie. Carol White,John Mills,Stuart Wilson,Bernard Lee are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1971. Dulcima (1971) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Mr. Parker (Sir John Mills), a farmer who has the reputation of drinking most of his money away, lives on a farm which is in a poor state of repair. A pretty young girl, Dulcima Gaskain (Carol White), takes pity on him and decides to help him by cleaning the place. She is happy to be earning money, and he is happy because she is there. Despite being a miserable old bastard, Mr. Parker finds himself falling for Dulcima, and asks her to move in with him, to save her the walk from her house to his farm every day. She does, and is happy with her work. She, however, falls for a gamekeeper (Stuart Wilson) from the nearby estate, and they start to meet in secret because of Mr. Parker's increasing jealousy. One day, while he is at the market, she discovers a whole load of money hidden in an upstairs room, and this changes the relationship between Mr. Parker and Dulcima. She becomes more friendly towards the farmer, now knowing of his wealth, and Mr. Parker decides that he wants her for his ...


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