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Gaon (2018)

Gaon (2018)

Shadab KamalNeha MahajanDibyendu BhattacharyaPravina Bhagwat Deshpande
Gautam Singh


Gaon (2018) is a Hindi movie. Gautam Singh has directed this movie. Shadab Kamal,Neha Mahajan,Dibyendu Bhattacharya,Pravina Bhagwat Deshpande are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Gaon (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A village kept secret for centuries receives a visitor at long last and finds the course of its destiny changed forever.

Gaon (2018) Reviews

  • Movie made with a patriotic attempt!


    Gaon is movie made for a message, this wouldn't have been possible without the Producers, director and writer's committment towards their country overlooking the fact, if it is going to make any money for them, like 'Garam hava' was one such movie in the past, where everybody had worked for pittance, but their intentions left a stamp on time. The message that one vaguely infers is that, although one cannot get back to the old humble times, but one has to be watchful in current times of the easy credit available, that generally lends one in a debt trap to be exploited by everyone, before it is too late to get out of it. Though 'Bharat' is a fictitious village shown in the movie, but it is very likely something similar may be existing in Jharkhand state. It is a good movie shown against the backdrop of the turmoil in that region. Acting was good, but one had to overlook the Somras competition which was not very convincing. Worth watching for those who care for the country

  • Modernisation; a cultural theft


    This movie basically portrays how in the race of technology we get our-self engaged in the current world and we are forgetting are basic ethnic values of sharing and connecting with people who are around us and how we now are more engrossed on are public image rather than to enjoy the small things that's around us. the pros and cons of how the world worked and how its now.


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