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I Am Me (2015)

I Am Me (2015)

Daniel CameronAlan OrrAngela MooreDani Heron
Jenni Mason


I Am Me (2015) is a English movie. Jenni Mason has directed this movie. Daniel Cameron,Alan Orr,Angela Moore,Dani Heron are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. I Am Me (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

'I Am Me' tells the story of 24 year old Charlie, a young man with a learning disability and autism. Charlie loves gardening and books but hates shouting and graffiti. The story begins as Charlie is moving into his own flat. With Charlie's mum being ill and struggling with his care, Charlie's older brother Tom is keen that he takes steps towards living a more independent life. Over time though Charlie is targeted by local youths and the abuse starts to escalate. 'I Am Me' is a hard hitting and emotional film that explores many complex issues surrounding the effects of disability hate crime, in a thought provoking yet sensitive way.


I Am Me (2015) Reviews

  • Powerful film


    I saw this film last night and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Extremely well written, excellent acting and the music was just perfect. Like many, I hadn't realized the extent of Disability Hate Crime, and just how many crimes are not reported. It was certainly an eye opener and very thought provoking. A very powerful movie that I would highly recommend (would also recommend bringing some tissues!).Also, a nice little twist at the end! Huge congrats to all involved in 'I Am Me', I look forward to seeing this film again soon.

  • I Am Me (2015)


    Fantastic hard hitting Film produced, starring and written by very talented people. Disability Hatecrime and Bullying very under reported this film portrays the issues that are experienced by the less vulnerable in society today. It is clearly every ones responsibility to take ownership and ensure those with Disabilities are safe. Don't be a bystander be an upstander if you see someone needs help. Not an option to stand by and do nothing. Tell someone, help or get help. Bullying lowest form of power against another. This Film is magnificent in getting the message and awareness across in the wider circle and public eye. Well done to everyone.

  • I am Me Film review .


    A great privilege to once again see I am Me ..a film about Disability Hate Crime ... something that in the past was very under reported I have now seen 2 stage productions and the film twice and still it touched me so much I had the hankies out again .......The highest praise must go to Jenni Mason for writing and directing such a powerful play and of course to her husband Grant for turning Jennis play into the amazing film it is ....as for the cast ...you could not have chosen better actors for each role... each and everyone was superb .........This was a very powerful hard hitting film which had you in tears at the treatment of "Charlie " who has Autism ..and was the target for some very cruel treatment from youngsters but the message was loud and clear ....disability Hate Crime exists . it also showed the close bond of family love in that Charlies brother was always there for him ......it is a film I would love everyone to see ...and help to stop Disability Hate Crime ...I loved it .....sad yes but there was a happy ending x


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