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My Gal Sunday (2014)

My Gal Sunday (2014)

Rachel BlanchardCameron MathisonSteve BacicVincent Gale
Kristoffer Tabori


My Gal Sunday (2014) is a English movie. Kristoffer Tabori has directed this movie. Rachel Blanchard,Cameron Mathison,Steve Bacic,Vincent Gale are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. My Gal Sunday (2014) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A newlywed couple proves their crime-solving prowess when their political ties and successful private-eye business suddenly puts them in grave danger. When their parents are taken hostage by a vengeful kidnapper looking for justice for the wrongful murder conviction of his brother, the duo must work together to uncover the clues that will save their parents' lives -- and put their own on the line.


My Gal Sunday (2014) Reviews

  • Younger version of Hart to Hart


    My Gal Sunday is a movie that might appeal to those between 18 and 40. It is a crime fighting drama. Cameron Mathison seems to act very little in this movie. Actually, overall, I found the acting poor; the plot weak; the drama barely there; and a high predictability of the outcome. I think the crime fighting couple is supposed to be a younger version of Hart to Hart. Seen it. Done it. At least with Hart to Hart there was good acting and plots. This is a filler movie. Fills the time and provides very light entertainment. I would like to see Cameron Mathison in something other than his character in All My Children. He is a nice looking guy and I am sure he is capable of characters with depth. Popcorn all around here. It will help to keep you entertained.

  • PLEASE - no more of these


    All I can say is this is dumb, dumb, dumb. I was one of the gullible who wasted two hours of my life watching this move. The plot has so many holes, it would seem to be written as a class project in a 3rd grade class. The acting is mundane. I laughed at how simplistic this whole thing was. I watch Hallmark quite a bit and this is the very worst "movie" (if you can call it that without laughing) that they have ever aired. If I ever see the group in My Gal Sunday come back as another lame movie, or heaven forbid as a series, I will avoid it at all costs. Completely unbelievable and sophomoric. What in the world was Hallmark thinking when they televised this?

  • Snore Feast


    Boring show no chemistry between the two leading characters. They seem to be just saying words not revealing any emotions at all. Realize that they are soap opera stars but good grief even some of they can act. There is more chemistry and emotion between the father and son-in-law than in any one else. I am trying to get thru the rest of the show but I find myself getting bored and I start to play games on my tablet instead of watching the show. The very beginning was not plausible, bringing a convicted prisoner to a home residence to reveal the real killer just wouldn't happen. The male actor was goofy and the female actress just can't act at all. The kidnapping was pathetic, the couple sat there in a stupor and then when they awaken they are all huffy and confrontational and arrogant. Let's face it if you were kidnapped would you be arrogant. Then above all else they call the President of the United States for help as if he would have the time to do anything to help. After all the previews I have seen prior to the show I was looking forward to seeing a good who done it, but this isn't it.

  • Terrible


    Hallmark channel movies all have a certain level of cheesiness and implausibility. But they are usually fun to watch with decent leads. And I did read this book, long ago, and thought it was not great, but had some good parts. Like pretty much any book I've read by Mary Higgins Clark. But this movie had more than its share of corny dialog even for a Hallmark movie. That wouldn't have been so bad though, if there was any chemistry at all between the leads. I didn't get the sense that they even like being in the same room together, let alone that they were happily married. And Cameron Mathison was not believable at all as a former vice president or former secretary of state or former governor or former whatever else he was. Unless it was a former personal trainer at a gym or former salesman at Best Buy. The opening scene of the movie is so terrible it's almost painful to watch. The rest is slightly better, but not by a lot. And there were way too many lingering close-up shots of Rachel Blanchard making faces... what I guess was supposed to be "emoting." I was actually looking forward to this movie, despite the fact that every time Cameron Mathison said that My Gal Sunday line in the ads it made me cringe. But this wasn't even decent plot-wise. I'd say more about that but I honestly don't even remember what the plot was. Kidnapping the parents of the leads to make them let someone out of prison I think. It was that dull.

  • awful


    Just awful, I don't recommend, don't waste your time, just one word can describe and the word is awful, pure garbage.

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