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Solo (2014)

Solo (2014)

Rebeca AlemanHernan AlexanderMohammed AlkhaldiLuis Carlos Bofill
Joseph Novoa


Solo (2014) is a Spanish movie. Joseph Novoa has directed this movie. Rebeca Aleman,Hernan Alexander,Mohammed Alkhaldi,Luis Carlos Bofill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Solo (2014) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

"If there's a mirror, I'm no longer alone.... there's someone else..." Tomás (42) is a military official with a successfully rising career. He's married to Teresa (40) and is the father of Lucas (7), a blind child, but with a sense of the world beyond the visible. Despite his blindness, Lucas can see things others cannot see, and hear things that others cannot hear.. He knows something shocking is about to happen. "My soul can perceive what my eyes can't see ..." A call will change the course of their life; Glenda (22) returns to town after several years of absence. Teresa doesn't want Tomás to see Glenda again, but the encounter will be inevitable. Glenda's arrival will trigger off everything. Tomás is forced to take advantage of his job position go away with her. However, his superiors don't want to lose their business, so they'll start a persecution. In his runaway, Tomás will fall down into the void. When he wakes up, in an unknown hospital, only Glenda is by his side. As they get...


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