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Taskara (2015)

Taskara (2015)

Srinivas GovindKiritiNesaSrinivas Prabhala


Taskara (2015) is a Telugu movie. has directed this movie. Srinivas Govind,Kiriti,Nesa,Srinivas Prabhala are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Taskara (2015) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A mystery hacker steals from RBI which is the central bank of India. How he did it and why is the main plot of the movie. The movie shows an anonymous hacker recording a video and taunting the officials of the RAW agency of India. The movie moves between India, UK and Brazil and begins with the year 2062. The movie is a financial crime thriller.


Taskara (2015) Reviews

  • Interesting and different


    The movie is interesting and different from the regular commercial ones that we watch.It is nice to see someone come up with an international level script and well executed movie.A must watch for those who appreciate thought provoking movies. It a good 1st movie with the right amount of VFX and the background score was truly international. Best Indian movie on economics and the financial system. A daring attempt and a different genre The first Indian movie to deal with Keynesian school of economics For a movie made with less than $250K ,it has decent production values.It would be nice to have subtitles for the benefit of wide spread audience and worthy of a world wide release.

  • Finest Financial & Economics Movie From India


    It is not easy to make movies on the subject of Economics and Finance. Indian movies rarely deal with such plots. This movie dared to be different. With minimal budgets of less than $200K, the movie has dealt with the themes of financial systems of this world. I think this is the only non English movie which presents an alternative view point about the loop holes of the present day financial system. A very thought provoking and bold movie. It could have been edgier but I give it to the team which came up with the idea of making a movie on Economic Hit men in Telugu language. The story has a very noir feel to it . VFX is decent and background score is amazing.

  • A very brave attempt from Indian Film Industry


    I had a chance to check the Directors cut with English subtitles. The movie is the most technically sound movie ever made on the subject in the sub continent. The noir feel and background score give a very distinct feel to this movie. The male lead's performance is good followed by RAW agent's portrayal. This movie would appeal more to people who have a greater understanding of the state of financial markets and economics. The plot is definitely very novel and recommend it highly for any one who likes experimental movies. A special mention for the use of VFX in this film. The gadgets like Google glass, smart watch and technical description of the layers of security stand as highlights.

  • The beginning of a cult


    This movie comes from the same team which scripted the Talk show "Arambham" which is exceptional for Telugu television. No wonder the movie was several notches up when it came to its content. A movie which has an underlying economics / finance theme told with the flavor of hacking. What works big time in the movie is the performance of the lead actor Arjun and the RAW agent Feroze . These two characters have done justice to their role. The others were strictly OK. ** Spoilers Ahead** Technically, the 7 layers description and Arjun hacking the 7 years after the deputy governor describing it very well narrated. What may not go down well with regular Telugu movie audience is the narrative which is so realistic. The movie feels like it could have happened in your backyard. The gripping narrative could have been better had the editing of the movie been even sharper . But the Director's cut is a shorter by 10 minutes making that version really racy. All in all, this movie has the potential to be a cult film as time progresses. Watch it , you will definitely be surprised with it's super intelligent and technical content for an Indian movie. Special mention about the kind of telugu words used. Feels good to watch telugu movies where actors speak good telugu.

  • A very underrated attempt in an exceptional genre


    To say the least, very few movies are made in Economics / Finance in mainstream Indian film industry. I saw the Director's cut which does mention that less than 1% of the movies made in this world are on the financial system. The movie has a very dark feel to it and it is evident it is made on a very low budget. Yet, what is commendable is the fact that the story sticks to the main theme throughout rather than wavering . *Spoilers Ahead* It is a master stroke to include original Breton woods videos at the beginning. Multiple narrations and time lines could be a little confusing if you are not into the subject. Movie truly explores the genre of techno thrillers in Telugu film industry which is ridden with "commercial" cinema. A special mention to the background score and Original sound track. I believe the language used in the end credit song is Swahili. Highly recommend it to anyone who would like to watch a well researched and out of the box movie.


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