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The Free World (2016)

The Free World (2016)

Elisabeth MossBoyd HolbrookOctavia SpencerSung Kang
Jason Lew


The Free World (2016) is a English movie. Jason Lew has directed this movie. Elisabeth Moss,Boyd Holbrook,Octavia Spencer,Sung Kang are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Free World (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Following his release from a brutal stretch in prison for crimes he didn't commit, Mo is struggling to adapt to life on the outside. When his world collides with Doris, a mysterious woman with a violent past, he decides to risk his newfound freedom to keep her in his life.

The Free World (2016) Reviews

  • Exceptional acting, an underrated film


    I am genuinely surprised by the negative/indifferent reviews of this film. I found the story line original and well- paced. The performances by the two leads were exceptional, entirely plausible and soulful. Whilst I have seen criticism for the lack of character depth, it must be said that the movie's length did not allow for this. In any case, I think that it is not difficult for the audience to grasp both characters' 'back stories' and identify with the innocence of their mutual affection; the male lead having been incarcerated most of his adult life and the female lead seeing him as her saviour. A warm, well-acted film with an "oh no!!!!" moment at the end. I do hesitate to label anything a 'chick flick' but I anticipate the story line may appeal to a more sensitive audience.

  • Excellent Script, Excellent Acting.... Well Done.


    I love to watch films that don't require much location, much vulgarity, a lot of CGI, gun violence and sex scenes to tell a story. With a excellent script and excellent acting, a film can be well done with the just the basics. I loved this movie, two people finding true love under real dire conflict but in the end having to face the harsh reality of their decisions. I will add this, any man who beats on women is a punk, coward lowlife and true scumbag. This movie is straight forward and honest and right to the point and you can't ask any more of film. Kudos to the whole cast. I will admit I was looking for a more brighter ending for the couple, but that's what was made it so good, it didn't have that cliché type of a happy ending. I highly recommend this to film lovers, not movie goers, there is a big difference. You will not be disappointed.

  • Highly Underrated Film


    Like another reviewer, I too am really surprised by the low rating. I am so glad I decided to ignore the rating and give this movie a chance. The acting is suburb by both leads and supporting actors. Both Moss and Holbrook performances are stellar. Their pasts and pain meld and bond them together. I am not going to reveal any of the story, but it is a subtle, sparse, intense and moving indie film. It is not a light movie that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. It's not meant to be. It shows the world realistically with all of its injustice, cruelty and yet also shows compassion. It is a movie that I know will stay with me for a long time. If you are a fan of indie films with suburb acting and a story with depth I highly suggest giving it a watch.

  • Wonderful Film


    I really didn't expect much out of this film,but decided ill check it out. This is a well directed,well acted film. It left me touched,and appreciative of the experience. So many raw emotions. The story was evolving and engrossing,the characters,portrayed wonderfully with all their vulnerabilities and inner strength. The film showed characters,wounded from past experiences,rediscover hope in mutual past hurt and brutal experiences,build through it ,and evolve to have future and hope. Most of the film is a drama,but toward the end it speeds up to a thriller and even some action. Everything was conceived ,in my eyes ,to create this immaculate experience.

  • Good movie, great acting


    Really surprised to see how good this movie for a such an underrated one. Beautiful story, wonderful script, great directing, and wonderful performance from actors. Even though the genre is drama, the story has a very nice flow that doesn't let the audience look away even for a moment. And most of the credit should go to the actors, specially the two leading actor and actress. Great work.


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