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The Oscars (2018)

The Oscars (2018)

LANGEnglish,American Sign Language,Spanish
Jimmy KimmelHelen MirrenViola DavisWillem Dafoe
Glenn Weiss


The Oscars (2018) is a English,American Sign Language,Spanish movie. Glenn Weiss has directed this movie. Jimmy Kimmel,Helen Mirren,Viola Davis,Willem Dafoe are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Oscars (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Music movie in India and around the world.

Honors for achievements in film take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles; scheduled performers including Gael García Bernal, Mary J. Blige, Common, Andra Day, Natalia Lafourcade, Miguel, Keala Settle and Sufjan Stevens; Jimmy Kimmel hosts.

The Oscars (2018) Reviews

  • The Academy Must Decide


    Within the first few minutes of the ceremony Jimmy Kimmel, the charming host, reminds us that we're only a few steps away from Hooters. That was the tone and I believe that the Academy must decide if the affair is going to continue lowering its brow or can we recapture what this event should be about. The movies! Film, past, present and future. That's why spending precious time in ambushing unexpected public members at the Chinese Theater was a cringe worthy, Hootters style move. I love when the Academy reminds their multi million audience all around the world about their glorious history. Not surprisingly Eva Marie Saint's presentation was a highlight that everyone spoke about the following day, so was Rita Moreno.

  • Move on from Kimmel please.....


    Ratings are dropping because you have a horrible host. Sure, he'll blame cord cutters, competition from other live content, etc. The fact is that Kimmel is boring.

  • Dull and boring and predictable.


    This latest annual edition of "The Oscars" "The 90th Academy Awards" wasn't one of the best ones as it just didn't hold interest it seemed a little dull and boring. As usual the ceremony is long as always the long awards season comes to an end! And even though this season plenty of the nominees were good, still a lot were not blockbusters to hold mainstream interest. And their were no surprises or upsets, as the expected favorites all won, it's like a repeat of "The Golden Globes", "SAG", and "Guild Awards". Still the show was funny with Jimmy Kimmel again as host who tried with skits and fun sides like prizes and the montages of past winners were memorable before the current awards were given. And yes the ladies message of "The Me Too" movement was in full force. "The Shape of Water" rightfully won best picture as it was a great blend of sci-fi drama that tied in perfect with love, connection, and fantasy as that's what movies are about that being dreams. And Gary and Frances were untouchable locks as best actor and actress winners. And Sam and Allison were the eye catching winners of supporting actor and actress trophies. Really nothing great enough said.

  • The most disaapointing Academy Awards ever!


    I hope that I am wrong, I have seen thousands of movies and shows and have been spoken to many friends who like myself are movie lovers and they also have the same opinion. But still I hope we are all wrong and those people at the Academy are right! This was officially the worst academy awards so far and will probably keep its shameful place for a long time. Not only in the matter of holding the ceremony but also considering piking up too many worthless movies and unfair nomination process it is a whole new level of disappointment. I constantly ask myself what do they think to themselves when they make this historic decisions so neglectfully and recklessly? I mean just think about it! Some years later people will watch 2017 Oscar nominees and asks themselves was that the best they could do? and maybe one of them watch another movie and as an example see Kate Winslet's brilliant performance in Wonder Wheel and wonders why she has not been even nominated? I know that Woody Allen is not very popular this days but whatever it is, should that affect the performance of a brilliant actress like Winslet? I am not saying that is certainly the reason behind that she has not been nominated but it is actually a desperate effort to find out why! Meryl Streep at the other hand is a pain in the A too. I adore her performance in many movies and shows, specially she was magnificent in Sophie's Choice but for god's sake would you stop this nonsense of piking her up no matter how she has been acting? And was that truly the best picture? Really? I can't give any specific accusation like political propaganda, race or gender issues but I can certainly say this is not a fare appreciation of art!

  • Propaganda at its best


    Liberal propaganda as usual, will not waste time to write a descriptive review, do some googling others have done it.

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