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You're Not You (2014)

You're Not You (2014)

LANGEnglish,American Sign Language
Hilary SwankEmmy RossumJosh DuhamelStephanie Beatriz
George C. Wolfe


You're Not You (2014) is a English,American Sign Language movie. George C. Wolfe has directed this movie. Hilary Swank,Emmy Rossum,Josh Duhamel,Stephanie Beatriz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. You're Not You (2014) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Kate is a classical pianist just diagnosed with ALS. Bec is a brash college student and would-be rock singer who can barely keep her wildly chaotic affairs, romantic and otherwise, together. Yet, when Bec takes a job assisting Kate, just as Kate's marriage to Evan hits the skids, both women come to rely on what becomes an unconventional, sometimes confrontational and fiercely honest bond. As meticulous, willful Kate begins to rub off on whirlwind, spontaneous Bec - and vice versa - both women find themselves facing down regrets, exploring new territory and expanding their ideas of who they want to be.


You're Not You (2014) Reviews

  • Brilliant


    This movie brought me to tears. Our mother does not have ALS but very similar symptoms and she can not eat orally and has no skull bone in one part of her head, but to anyone suffering or caring for a loved one with ALS or does not understand the gravity of ALS, this movie is a must see. This movies educates people, to some extent, about ALS and its destructiveness but also the hardships of caring for an individual with a crippling disease and what you can do to help an individual through music or swimming or just trying to do normal things like go out. Brilliant acting on the path of both Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum. It's been a long time since I saw a movie that has moved me, the way this one did.

  • Bring a box of Kleenex


    I'm glad I saw this movie alone. It's kinda embarrassing for a guy to be crying at a movie. A relationship builds between the two characters (Rossum and Swank) that goes far beyond acting. I judge a movie by how much I care about what happens to the characters. This movie did not disappoint. At times, the movie is funny; at times, it's all you can do to not sob out loud. No spoilers here -- you'll have to let the plot build up around you. As the closing credits roll, try to listen to the words of the song. Dry your eyes so you can see who's singing it.

  • Good acting in a mediocre storyline


    In all fairness having watched Intouchables (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1675434/ watching this movie felt more like a female version of the same storyline. Hilary Swank has done a powerful portrayal of person suffering from ALS and you are almost shocked to see her degenerative condition take shape in her speech and movement, the rest of the cast is also quite good and has done a fair job but besides this the movie it self was more like a documentary with a very shallow story line and not much to offer then provoking a few sentimental thoughts for the characters through the movie. With a very predictable plot and nothing left to imagination I would rate this as a rather mediocre movie and am rather amazed by the high rating it has been getting, the only explanation I have is that it plays well on peoples sentiments and carries popular cast.

  • Intense Torture of ALS


    Kate is a woman who has it all -- beautiful, wealthy, a talented pianist, had a loving husband. Bec is a young woman who seemed to have everything going against her -- irresponsible college student, always drunk, sleeps around, a failed musician. But one fateful day, Kate was diagnosed with the debilitating neurologic disease called ALS, which left her progressively helpless with her personal care. When she was choosing her caretaker, Kate saw something in this mess that is Bec. From there, these two women, who are polar opposites of each other, get along, bond and help each other get through their lives. When ALS was mentioned as the diagnosis, you knew then where this film is headed. ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and its devastating consequences has been in the news very much this year because of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge. There will be no surprises what will happen anymore during the course of the story up to the predictable end. However, what will keep you glued to the screen are the performances of the two lead actresses: Hilary Swank as Kate, and Emmy Rossum as Bec. I have not seen Hilary Swank for a long time already since her two Oscar Best Actress wins in the previous decade for "Boys Don't Cry" (1999) and "Million Dollar Baby" (2004). This film is somewhat reminiscent of the second film where she played a female boxer who had a spinal cord injury that made her quadriplegic. Here in "You're Not You," the progress of the neurologic disorder is gradual, so Swank brought us on a torturous tour of how it is like to have your body deteriorate even as your brain remains completely lucid. Her character Kate remains so magnanimous throughout her ordeal, making her character likable and sympathetic even if we do not understand much of what she was saying. I have not seen Emmy Rossum in another role since her breakthrough as the ingenue Christine in the film version of the Broadway musical "The Phantom of the Opera" (2004). Her brash and slovenly character here is so different from the meek, refined Christine in Phantom. This effectively shows the wide range Ms. Rossum has gained over the years. Here we will also see the reaction of different people around them, their parents, the men in their lives, their friends, which kept things interesting. Josh Duhamel plays Kate's controlling husband Evan. Frances Fisher plays Kate's mother, while Ed Begley Jr. plays her favorite uncle. Loreta Devine plays a fellow ALS patient who becomes her friend, while Eddie Hudson plays her supportive husband. Ali Larter and Andrea Savage play her fair-weather friends. On Bec's side, we have Marcia Gay Harden who plays her cold mother. Julian McMahon plays her sleazy professor. Jason Ritter plays a dorky but persistent suitor. This film may be hard to swallow in several parts because of the intensity of the dramatic situations. The psychological reactions of the characters do not seem too typical, which is also good as it gave the material some unexpected surprises. However, the central performances of Swank and Rossum were so effective that empathetic audiences will be moved, maybe even to tears.

  • 5-Star Movie


    First of all to the person that wrote the review that it was a 4.7 chick flick! I really don't believe you even saw the movie or you could not have written what you did!!! This was a fantastic, very well done deeply gratifying movie! The STARS played their parts very well! And yes I am a guy! I could not have asked for anything better! ALS is a very debilitating disease and this shows what people who live with it everyday has to go through!Not only the patient, but also the surrounding people! This movie portrays the life they go through very well! You won't be disappointed if you see this movie! Jay Smith, New Jersey


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